The Public Greens Experience

The Patachou Foundation does some spectacular work for food-insecure children in Indianapolis. If you aren’t already familiar with some of the amazing work the organization does, I encourage you to learn more here. All profits from Patachou’s Broad Ripple eatery Public Greens go towards helping The Patachou Foundation achieve its mission. And, it also serves some really, really delicious food.

Public Greens, an experimental urban cafeteria focused on fresh, local ingredients, ranks high on my list of favorite Indianapolis restaurants. The concept is both novel and fully realized. The space is bright and clean. It takes an old school concept—cafeteria-style food service—and modernizes it in every way.

Behind glass panels, a sprawling and inviting assortment of picturesque salads, soups, and snacks await: a beet salad with pickled beets and ground cherries, penne tossed in a deep green basil pesto, a summery corn salad with kaleidoscope-colored tomatoes. The selection changes with the seasons.

On this trip, I ordered the fried trout dinner and a med-rare tri-tip steak with a corn salad and a side of deep-fried corn fritters with tomato jam. The food arrives on decorative blue-patterned plates. The trout is served battered and crisp over a savory corn puree. It’s accompanied by a lightly-dressed caprese salad with tomatoes, basil, and olives. The steak, skillfully grilled and sliced, features a lovely, warm-pink center that is both tender and delightfully flavorful.

There is much to be impressed by at Public Greens, even beyond the food and charity work. It’s a truly unique space in the crowded landscape of Indianapolis dining establishments. It challenges people’s preconceptions of what cafeteria-style food service can accomplish by building a rotating and consistently delicious menu based on healthy, seasonal offerings.


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