Devour at Delicia

Devour Indy (previously Devour Downtown), the two-week Indy restaurant event, is happening now in the Indianapolis area. Not familiar with Devour Indy? Devour Indy is a two-week bi-annual event that gives central Hoosier-state residents the opportunity to experience value-priced, three-course menus at various restaurants in the Circle City.

For this year’s Summerfest, I studied the event’s website to find the best deals. I looked over nearly every menu, narrowed it down to a select few, and picked the most enticing and price-effective menu. This year’s winner: Delicia, a New Latin restaurant in the heart of So-Bro.
I started with a straight-forward margarita and a perfectly-seasoned guacamole topped with cilantro, tomato, and pistachios. As a self-proclaimed guac purist, I hold a fairly unwavering opinion that only 6-basic ingredients (avocado, salt, lime, cilantro, jalapeno, and red onion) justly belong in any dish labeled guacamole. I was admittedly skeptical of all the ingredients listed for this version, but I was happily taken back by how much I enjoyed the addition of pistachios in this riff on guac. So much so, in fact, that I might just have to sneak in a few pistachios the next time I make the avocado-based appetizer in my own kitchen.

After a pleasant round of apertivos and drinks, my group and I ordered our selected main entrees. I opted to split the carne asada and the salmon (both of which are options on the special two-week Devour Menu and the current menu for those interested). Delicia does sauces work spectacularly, so much so that it nearly overshadowed the proteins in the dishes. The summer pea cream sauce in the salmon entrée was divine: bright, rich, and balanced with sweet pea flavor, it paired well with the salmon and offered a nice contrast to the refreshing watermelon herb relish. The root vegetable mash in the Carne Asada was equally delicious, as was the aji-lemon aioli and corn succotash.

We finished our Devour at Delicia with the churros, which are strips of deep fried dough rolled in cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg and served with a rich chocolate sauce. What’s not to love, right? They were a decadent end to a first-rate three course feast.


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