Beer, Wings, and Poutine: What More Could a Guy Ask For?


Good apps and solid beer? Big Lug is a restaurant that can do both.

Do you see that crust? That earth-shatteringly crisp exterior? That crust is what differentiates Big Lug's exceptional chicken wings from being just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill bar food appetizer. The wings are moist and meaty, and pair fantastically with the hoppy, flavor-forward craft beers offered on tap.

At Big Lug, the poutine—a Canadian dish comprised of fries, cheese curds, and gravy—is as tasty as it is photogenic. The fries have a nice crisp exterior and an appropriately soft, pillowy interior, which balance well against the flavors of the tangy beef gravy and melty cheese curds. I’ve had my fair share of subpar poutine, but the variations of this fry-based Canadian dish served at Big Lug are some of the best I’ve had. Go to Big Lug for the craft beer, stay for the appetizers.