Life-Changing Cacio e Pepe Butter

This Cacio e Pepe butter situation is seriously life-changing. During the development of the Cacio e Pepe recipe, I started using the leftover Cacio e Pepper butter in my weeknight meals. I tossed it with some roasted asparagus for the most incredible side dish, whisked it with some lemon juice and olive oil for a simple salad dressing, and spread it on some toast topped with some soft scrambled eggs for a delicious breakfast. I even used it to develop my healthier version of Cacio e Pepe (made with roasted cauliflower in place of carb-y noods).

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Thai Red Curry Ramen with Shrimp

I’ve been making some variation of this dish for five years now. Curry pastes—like the red curry paste in this recipe—are a great way to impart a lot of flavor into a weeknight dish. I’ve streamlined this recipe to be super quick, customizable, and absolutely delicious.

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